FLL stands for FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League.
The program gives children grades 4-10 the opportunity to experience the fundamentals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through 3 elements: Project, Robot and Core Values (Teamwork). Every year, there are themes released to the public in summer, and teams are encouraged to create a solution for a problem under the theme. For example, the theme we participated in was Animal Allies. Robots built from Lego are to complete missions based from the theme of the year. In fall every year, regional competitions are held all across the world, where over 30,000 teams compete for a spot in their respective provincial competitions. The highest placing teams in these provincial competitions get a chance to participate in a world-tier event. In addition, at the provincial (and regional) competitions, teams can be selected as nominees for the global innovation awards. However, for us in Ontario, Canada, and several other regions across the world, we have a provincial competition before being able to submit for a chance to participate in the Global Innovation Awards (GIA). At the GIA, the 20 selected semi-finalist teams get to showcase their innovative projects, and compete for the final prize of $20,000. The 2 runner-ups each receive $5,000 to further develop their projects. This Global Innovation Award Competition and the International Competitions mark the end of every season.

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