The H2O Post

The product our team invented was the H2O post. The H2O post is a fully automated, non freezing water post for multiple horses in a pasture, which allows the user to track each horse's individual water intake. When a horse approaches, a sensor detects it, sends a signal to the control module. From there, we open a valve that allows water to pass through a flow meter in order to measure the amount of water that is entering, and filling up the basin. The water will fill until it reaches the top of the basin. If the horse drinks until the water level lowers, and we re-open the valve to refill the basin. Meanwhile, an RFID chip either implanted, worn, or braided in the forelocks of the animal will let the post identify the animal that is drinking. When the identified horse leaves the post, the remaining water in the basin flows through a second flow meter. This value is subtracted from the original amount of water that filled up the basin so that the post knows how much water the horse has just consumed. All data is transferred from our post to an app we provide. This app will show how much each horse drank, when they drank it and that horse’s daily consumption history. If a horse has not had enough water, which is approximately 1 liter per 20 kilograms of their body weight, the app will send a notification to the owner. All the water will be kept underneath the frost line to prevent freezing. Unlike the alternative watering products, there is no heating cost to our post, saving farmers up to $300 a month per post. As well, all electronic components are able to work at -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degree fahrenheit). Overall, our H2O Post allows horse owners to monitor each of their horse’s water consumption, while they are all outdoors drinking from one water source, as well as the many other perks to our system.