The Progress Log: 9/9/2017

This day marked a new chapter in The Hydrators. Not only have we started working on the current FLL year, HydroDynamics, but we have started work on our MVP (Market Viable Product), our new H2O Post prototype. Today we each realized that we must all take ownership for important parts of the project that would span the rest of our season. We split each other up to work and take leadership of important sections of our project, such as: research; emailing experts; and even social media, and our new website. We each took our strengths and applied them to the subjects we would be working on. For example, Adi, who is very creative, took part of the website design and building. We all worked very hard to start our work for the rest of the season, and we are all very excited for what the rest of this very special season would hold for us. We would also like to take this time to thank all of our supporters for helping us achieve all that we have, and for putting us where we are today. - The Hydrators