The Progress Log: 9/16/2017

Our second meeting showed some very advanced and thoughtful thinking, with the brunt of the conversation being based around multiple changes that could happen with our watering post. One of them would be the replacement of the flow meters with a device that would calculate the time that the horses have drank. This would allow us to use trends, which would be easier to read and understand than raw numerical data. As well, the use of PIR (Passive Infrared) instead of Ultrasonic sensors. As well, we have thought of the problems surrounding the RFID reader and how it could create a bubble outside of the post. However, we have all begun thinking of solutions and alternatives to all these problems and we all know of the roles we have to accomplish next week. We are all looking forward to getting into the swing of things as we start this new and exciting chapter of our season. - The Hydrators