The Progress Log: 9/23/2017

This weekend was a busy and important one for all of us. We started the weekend with a half hour skype call with the FLL kickoff event in Ottawa, and we participated in a Q&A session as well as an explanation of our season and some words of encouragement for other teams. This was a gateway for our meeting the following day, where we discussed even more advancement and possible changes to our prototype. This involved the possible addition of PIR (Passive Infrared), and the removing of RFID and Ultrasonic, as we try to make the switch from how much a horse drinks to the time it would drink for, and the trends that it would create. We also worked on the development of our new website (the one you’re currently on !) and we plan on continuing to develop and make this site better and better. We also started documenting the post using an application called Fritzingtm which will allow us to see how our post should look like if any wires get dislocated. We also worked on the creation of our presentation scripts, that we would put into play on October 23rd as we present to Lake Side Controls. Overall this weekend was busy but we made solid progress as we start to get into the wing of things. - The Hydrators